The sporting center of Castel del Rio is dedicated to Marco Simoncelli: tennis courts, soccer, beach volley, swimming pool, minipitch and dragon park for babies. Reservations at +39(0)542/95906

Based on the nuances of three different culinary traditions: Emilia, Romagna and Tuscany coexist in this land by thousands years.
As in all mountain areas, the kitchen is linked to local agricultural economy and enhanced by the flavors of the forest: mushrooms, truffles, blueberries, blackberries and other flavorings.
The best local product is the brown of Castel del Rio, that has characterized this area and all the upper Santerno Valley through the centuries. This is notably different from the more common "chestnuts" concerning size and taste, sweeter and more fragrant. The browns can be eaten cooked in special pans directly on the fire or boiled in water, but its best way is in famous recipes like "Capaltéz", a paste with brown purée, and many cakes. The Rum Brown, the Brown jam and liqueur "Maroncello" are products derived from the processing of one of the most famous Brown all over the world: the Brown of Castel del Rio.