Santerno river (99 km) springs at Futa Pass, Tuscany, and runs along its valley up to Reno river. The Apennines tract is one of the most interesting of all the Apennines. The river is characterized by rocky walls and clean waters. The Santerno has carved its way between Pleistocene clays (5 to 2 million years), chalks and marly-arenaceous formations.
On Santerno there are areas for camping, bathing, picnics and fishing. Downstream of the town is a beautiful area "No kill" that offers excellent catches of barbels and chubs. Furthermore, Santerno is well suited to the practice of canoeing: water quality is ideal, particularly during springtime. The river is an alternative to alpine rivers that are off limits during winter. Santerno offers 25 km of uninterrupted path and can be run also from October to January.